‘Sosoo le fau ma le fau’

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Gulliano Bryce

Faculty of Technical Education, National University of Samoa

Mr Gulliano Bryce, a young man in his thirties currently teaches Construction Trades Level 2 for the Faculty of Technical Education. He has taught for 6 years and is yet to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management at Unitec, Auckland New Zealand. He holds a Certificate in Adult Teaching and a Certificate Level 3 from the Australia Pacific Technical College from Suva. His presentation is on Building Resilience through taking an intergenerational and collaborative approach to teaching and learning. ‘Sosoo le fau ma le fau’

This is his first time presenting for the Measina A Samoa Conference and says it will not be his last. He hopes to revive the old traditional ways of building a Samoan Fale and has worked in passing on such vital knowledge and skills to the young students at the National University of Samoa within the Faculty of Technical Education. Mr Bryce said that such knowledge and skills of building traditional fale Samoa houses will soon be revived as Master builder Lesa Faanu earlier this year had worked with Mr Bryce in teaching the young students at the Faculty of Technical Education who are to become future Master builders themselves.