Enhancing education needs to be seen as an investment into Individual, Community, National and Regional development.

The National University of Samoa is a place where people feel valued and where we think long term. Our University environment and structures enables the creation of spaces for cooperation, learning and informed decision making. Our Vision is to become A Vibrant and Innovative University of Excellence in Research, Samoan Studies and Quality Education and Training, which is responsive to National Development Needs.”We have five robust strategic priorities that we will focus our efforts towards in the next four years to 2020/21. Our Mission “To produce quality graduates from across all disciplines to meet the nation’s human resource needs” will be the driving force behind our activities to attain our Vision.

Established by an act of Parliament in 1984, the founding fathers had a vision for Samoa’s only national University to support its economy and other facets of society, but above all was the development and retention of its people. Founding its own national higher education, was the key to this ambition. From a shoe string budget with a handful of students and programmes to where it is today, it most certainly has experienced swift growth over time.

Thirty-five years later, the University has grown in leaps and bounds persevering through myriad challenges. Its student roll continues to increase steadily at a current annual growth rate of 4%, along with the demands for quality learning, physical and financial resources. By the global earmarked year, 2020, it is projected that about a thousand more students will be added to our current roll of 3,500 students.

To date, there are a total of 61 qualifications and 71 diverse programmes, including our online distance learning programmes that are available to build the capacity of our nation’s human resources. Majority of these are delivered from our main campus in To’omatagi, with specialised programmes in our three satellites – Maritime & Marine research in Mulinu’u, School of Medicine in Moto’otua, and our office and information centre in Salelologa, Savaii.

The University has over 300 staff members to support and deliver our research, academic, and corporate services.

To build on our successes, we continue to seek diverse avenues to generate funds, whilst making efforts to ensure sustainable methods are implemented for increased savings. Financial support from Government (GoS) varies slightly every year. In 2017, 50% grant inclusive of budget support was received from GoS, 45% NUS revenue (tuitions & services), and 5% from reserves (term deposits, VASGT refundable). The collective amount is divided and allocated to respective sections of the University for their annual operations.

Our website is a window into the culture and experiences at the National University of Samoa. Here, you will find a snapshot of courses, programmes, services and news about our activities, staff and students. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

Whether you are a visitor to our website, or part of our University community, we are delighted to welcome you and we look forward to your contributions to the development of our University, and ultimately Samoa.


Professor Fui Le'apai Tu'ua 'Īlaoa Asofou So'o

Vice-Chancellor and President



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