To enter into this programme you must satisfy both the entry criteria and the course pre-requisites.

Entry Criteria

  • Pass SSLC English – 50% or better
  • An aggregate of 200% or better (i.e. Combined total of SSLC English plus other best three SSLC subjects)

Once you meet the entry criteria you enroll in 5 courses in the first semester and 5 courses in the second semester, a total of 10 courses. These 10 courses should include the following:


5 Core Courses :

HED001  Foundation Education

[Semester 1]

HEN004  Foundation English                

[Semester 1& 2]

HSA002  Samoan 1                 

    [Semester 1& 2]

HCS081 Foundation Computer Studies                                    

    [Semester 1& 2]

One of the following:




HMA010 Foundation Algebra           [Semester 1]

HMA020 Foundation Calculus          [Semester 2]


HMA030 Foundation Mathematics [Semester 1]


HMA071 Foundation General Mathematics 1 [Sem 1]

      HMA072 Foundation General Mathematics 2 [Sem 2]



ELECTIVE 1 [Choose 2 or 3]:

Semester 1 courses

Semester 2 courses

HAC001 Foundation Financial Accounting

HAC002 Foundation Management Accounting

HEC001 Foundation Microeconomics

HEC002 Foundation Macroeconomics

HCL001 Foundation Law

HMG001 Basic Management

HGE001 Physical Geography

HMK001 Foundation Marketing

HAN001 People & Cultures of the Pacific

HAN001 People & Cultures of the Pacific

HHI001 Revolutionary Forces Since 1500

HEN005 Introduction to Literature

HSO001 Society & Culture

HGE002 Human Geography

HBI011 Foundation Biology 1

HHI002 Pacific History

HCH031 Foundation Chemistry 1

HSO002 Pacific Island Societies

HPH021 Foundation Physics 1

HBI012 Foundation Biology 2

HST050 Foundation Statistics         

HCH032 Foundation Chemistry 2


HPH022 Foundation Physics 2


HST050 Foundation Statistics         


ELECTIVE 2 [Choose 2 or 3]:

Semester 1 courses

Semester 2 courses

HAG041 Foundation Agriculture 1

HAG042 Foundation Agriculture 2

HFT001 Understanding Nutrition

HFT002  From Fibre to Fabric

HMU001 Rudiments of Applied Music Theory 1

HMU002 Rudiments of Applied Music Theory 2

HPA003  Drama

HPA004 Dance

HPE001 Physical Education & Health 1

HPE002 Physical Education & Health 2

TCJ013 Hand & Power Tools, Basic Timber Joints

HVA002 Elements & Principles of Art


TCJ015 Workplace Activities & Finished Timber Joints


To graduate with a Foundation Certificate in Education, you must pass at least 8 courses. These 8 should include the following:

  1. 5 core courses
  2. 1 or 2 courses from Elective 1
  3. 1 or 2 courses from Elective 2

Course Pre-requisites

To enroll in each Foundation course, you must meet the course pre-requisites.

  •         Foundation Biology – 50% or better in SSLC Biology
  •         Foundation Chemistry – 50% or better in SSLC Biology
  •         Foundation Computing – Aggregate Total of 200% or better in SSLC
  •         Foundation Physics – 50% or better in SSLC Physics
  •         Foundation Maths – 50% or better in SSLC Maths
  •         Foundation Algebra & Calculus – 50% or better in SSLC Maths
  •         Foundation Statistics – 50% or better in SSLC Maths
  •         Foundation Technology – 50% or better in SSLC Maths


  FCE Programme Summary

     1. Name of Programme

  What qualification are you studying towards?



Foundation Certificate in Education

2. Admission / Entry Criteria

What you need in order to enter / enrol in this programme?


An Aggregate total of 160% or better in SSLC English plus Best 3 subjects (with a 50% score in English)


3. Courses Available

What you are expected to enrol in?

·      Compulsory or core courses: HED001, HEN004, HCS081, HSA002 plus any ONE of the following Maths courses: HMA010, HMA020, HMA030, HMA071, HMA072,

·      In Semester 1: HED001, HEN004, HCS081, HSA002, Plus one of: HAC001, HEC001, HCL001, HGE001, HAN001, HHI001, HSO001, HMA010, HMA030, HMA071, HBI011, HCH031, HPH021, HST050, HAG041, HFT001, HMU001, HPA003, HPE001, TCJ013

·      In Semester 2: HAC002, HEC002, HMG001, HMK001, HAN001, HEN005, HGE002, HHI002, HSO002, HAG042, HCS081, HMA020, HST050, HBI012, HCH032, HPH022, HFT002, HMU002, HPA004, HPE002, HVA002, TCJ015





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