NUS Foundation Enrolment Semester 2, 2019

NUS Foundation Enrolment Semester 2, 2019
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Misa Vicky Lepou, a former multimedia journalist and current journalism lecturer has been appointed as Head of Media and Communication Department at the National University of Samoa (N.U.S).

Misa will be responsible for providing strong academic leadership within the Department and the Faculty of Arts in which the Media and Communication Department is housed under.

Her appointment has also received numerous congratulatory messages from the media and education industries in the region.

“Congratulations Misa, a long overdue appointment,” Founder of Avaiki Nius and Editor of Pacific Freedom Forum Jason Brown said.  “Big congratulations and best wishes at the top.”


Forum Fisheries Agency Media Officer, Lisa Williams whom Misa have worked together in various workshops in the region said: “Malo and congrats on the next level.”

“Congratulations Vicky. An opportunity to lead and put in place the things you've always had in your heart for Journalism students and N.U.S,” said Website Coordinator for Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (P.A.C.M.A.S) Ellenson Taurakoto.

Misa’s former Broadcast Lecturer during her university years at U.S.P. Dr. Mark Hayes also sent a congratulatory message: “Very well done, Misa Vicky. Excellent news indeed. Every success in your new and challenging role.”

Even from N.U.S. Pro Chancellor who was also Misa’s former Principal at the then Catholic Senior School had this to say: “Congrats and well deserved Misa”.

The former television producer and news reporter has a lot on her plate now to lead and manage the department’s limited resources especially the Media and Journalism Programme.


Following the news of another budget cut this year from the newly appointed Director of N.U.S Finance, Misa is optimistic that there is hope out there for media and communication development.  “There is funding opportunities available to anyone anywhere and anytime if we set our goals and priorities right,” Misa told N.U.S. Media. “Even if we set (those) to take us to the right path, if donors see it that we cannot deliver, we can’t be choosers in the end.”


“We are grateful of our established partners like UNESCO and PACMAS for always assisting us in the development of this programme,” Misa added.  “There is more to it than media work; as an institution we need the support of the public to respect the role of the media and how we communicate development in simple messages.”


“It was never a dream to hold a higher position for any personal reasons as I have always been supporting and do the ground work of ensuring that we do produce at least the much needed graduates to fill in the industry.”

“There is still a lot of work to be done in this area to ensure that the industry gets the number expected to fill in those newsrooms.”


“I have been in the institution for so long that I began to feel it is time to step up and take the lead.  It is also about time that the (media and journalism) studies to advance its qualifications.  Given that, we need more qualified lecturers and personnel to assist the programme in delivering its multi-outputs.”


When asked what those mulit-ouputs were, Misa added that the Media and Journalism Programme is currently delivering two media outlets which is the N.U.S. Media and Journalism School Facebook Page that delivers immediate news events daily as well as the Campus Radio Station.  The Programme also needs to look at having a real campus newspaper that serves the purpose of disseminating information across all sectors of the university especially having the students feel what a real newspaper is like.”


“There is more than just teaching, you are required as a lecturer to research and contribute to the community.”

Author of the Samoan Chapter in the World Press Freedom Report in 2012 titled: Punitive media laws vs. rhetoric of free speech, Misa is currently co-authoring a research paper along with Journalism educators from James Cook University in Townsville titled “Journalism Education in the Tropics of the Oceania (Indo-Pacific) Region”.

Media HOD, Misa Vicky Lepou

The signatories to this agreement were the Vice Chancellor and President of N.U.S, Professor Fui Le’apai Tu’ua Ilaoa Asofou So’o and Council Member who is also the Assistant Vice Chancellor (Pasifika) of Vcitoria University of Wellington (V.U.W), Associate Professor Hon. Luamanuvao Winnie Laban following the Council Meeting held in Apia recently.

The MOU signed is an Agreement for the Exchange of Students between Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and the National University of Samoa that commenced on 31 March 2016 and is for an initial period of five (5) years. 

The Agreement is for the acceptance of up to two (2) exchange students each semester, at the undergraduate or postgraduate level but is subject to maintaining a balanced reciprocity. 

The number can be extended by mutual agreement, provided a balanced reciprocity is maintained and student exchanges will be for one semester or for a maximum of one academic year. 

The liaison person for V.U.W is the Student Exchange Coordinator and for N.U.S it is the International Office Coordinator.


Associate Professor Hon. Luamanuvao Winnie Laban

Vice Chancellor and President of N.U.S, Professor Fui Le’apai Tu’ua Ilaoa Asofou So’o

Three new staff and volunteers have been introduced into the National University of Samoa (N.U.S.) for this semester.

They are Mrs Allyson Logie- Eustace, who is here on a four weeks staff mobility attachment with the N.U.S.’ Student Support Services (S.S.S). 

Logie-Eustace will assist the Student Support Services section determine strategies for providing assistance to students in the areas of student engagement and involvement.

She has already met with the N.U.S. Student Association (N.U.S.S.A) and has held a series of workshops for interested students about leadership and motivation matters.

Having these workshops will contribute to her work plan in creating critical thinking while promoting the holistic development of students at N.U.S.


She plans to also examine how N.U.S deals with issues of social injustice within the campus and share her own practices and experiences from the University of West Indies.

Emeritus Professor Atsuko Kita, a retired professor of Nursing from the Osaka City University in Japan specialises in Maternal Midwifery and Child Health Nursing is working closely with the School of Nursing under the Faculty of Applied Science.

Since last month, Associate Professor Marc Jorgensen from the Department of Developmental Mathematics at the Utah Valley University in the U.S. is here to spend his sabbatical leave assisting the Maths Department.  Jorgensen is here with wife, Gayle.


The staff mobility attachment is one of the programmes coordinated under the Caribbean-pacific Island Mobility Scheme-home (C.A.R.P.I.M.S) in which N.U.S is one of the partners. The Caribbean pacific island mobility Scheme is an intra-ACP cooperation and mobility programme in the area of higher education which focuses on Caribbean and Pacific institutions. It is implemented under the aegis of education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency (E.A.C.E.A) of the European Union.


”We acknowledge the valuable time these colleagues have decided to spend here at N.U.S to assist us,” said Deputy Vice Chancellor, Peseta Desmond Lee Hang.  “We thank them for their service and for sharing their experiences with us.  We do hope that they too will learn from us and wish them an enjoyable and fruitful time here at NUS.” 


Mrs Allyson Logie- Eustace

Professor Atsuko Kita

Associate Professor Marc Jorgensen



The National University of Samoa (N.U.S.) has placed zero tolerance on any student who is caught being involved in school brawls.

This was the message from the Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Fui Leapai Asofou So'o relayed by the Student Counsellor and Literacy Officer at the Students Support Services (S.S.S.), Luagalau Foisagasina Eteuati Shon to all the Foundation Students and the Technical Vocational and Educational Training (T.V.E.T.) during a special meeting called at the Falesamoa recently.


"The meeting was called after one of N.U.S. students was caught fighting on Campus. There were eight former students of Avele College and Saint Joseph's College caught fighting on N.U.S. Campus.

"The incident was reported to the V.C. by the securities which were related to the differences between these students’ ex schools," explained Luagalau.

The students were taken to the S.S.S. Office for Counseling when they were issued a warning.


"Should there be another incident between these eight students again, we will call the police and whatever it is that they have to do, N.U.S will refrain from interfering with investigations. If they are to be charged, so be it. Just like what the police are doing at the market.”

"Not only they will be taken to the police but also, they will be expelled from the N.U.S. It will terminate the opportunity to continue attending the university.  There will be no more chances for them to be accepted. That warning includes all university students as well as Foundation Students," added Luagalau.


This was also the message from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trades (M.F.A.T.) Foreign Services Officer, Malaeoletalu Luana Ulia to students who are on Partial and Full Scholarships from the Government.

"Their awards will be terminated if the Ministry finds out that the awarded students are involved in these brawls whether on campus or outside. Even if you did not fight or you did not start the fight, the scholarship award will be terminated," Ms. Ulia said.

Luagalau made it clear that these are not the kinds of behaviour that they should be expecting from N.U.S. students.


The National University of Samoa (N.U.S) and the Samoa Association of Manufacturers (S.A.M.E) are pleased to announce that they have joined forces in supporting and eventually localizing the training component of the S.A.M.E Food Safety Management Training and Certification Programme.


The Vice Chancellor and President of N.U.S Professor Fui Le’apai Asofou So’o delivered the keynote address to the companies and organizations that attended the training at the Oloamanu Training centre last week.


“Since Samoa joined the World Trade Organisation (W.T.O), opportunities for trade between Samoa and the global market has opened up,” Prof. Fui said.  “However it also poses challenges for our goods and services suppliers especially in the provision of food and beverage both locally and globally, to be competitive.”


“To succeed in international trade, goods and service providers must not only be competitive, but they must also be internationally recognized,” added Prof. Fui.

The Food Safety Management Training which is part of S.A.M.E’s International Certification programme promises to equip Samoan food and beverage for manufacturers & exporters to follow through.  It will not only enhance the competitiveness of our food and beverage but also create international recognition as being ISO Certified.


It’s an initiative according to the President of S.A.M.E Tagaloa Eddie Wilson whereby sixteen (16) local companies are now heading for certification. 

These include a wide spectrum of processors, manufacturers, exporters of coconut and cocoa based products, food and beverage industries; processed agriculture-based products such as nonu, coconut cream, palusami chili, fruit juice, snack foods, beer, water, ice cream and soft drinks, processed meat products and fresh and frozen taro. 

The training was delivered by New Zealand International Certification Limited (N.Z.I.C).


N.U.S in partnership with S.A.M.E will eventually take over the training programme for the private sector in Samoa.

“This is to ensure the sustainability of the programme in the long term,” Tagaloa said.  “This will enable local companies and organisations to prepare for certification by N.Z.I.C) under the S.A.M.E International Certification programme.”


Prof. Fui added:  “N.U.S is proud to be associated with this program, which is ultimately aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the private sector and build the capacity of local businesses and organisations to ensure food safety and management at the highest level as well as gaining International certification.”


He also encouraged attending local companies to complete the programme and earn their international certification.

N.U.S and S.A.M.E acknowledged the support of the Government as well as the major sponsor, Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Program (PHAMA).

VC Prof. Fui Le’apai Asofou So’o


Tagaloa Eddie Wilson

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