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As part of its vision, as a vibrant and innovative center of excellence in research that supports teaching and learning, community engagement and international partnerships and, leadership and governance,  the National University of Samoa (N.U.S) proudly presents its Fourth Samoa Conference (SCIV) on the theme ‘Our heritage, our future: fostering sustainable development through leadership, innovation and collaboration’.

Held every four years, preparations are now underway for every interested person to submit an abstract of 150-200 words for presentations,   panel discussions and poster displays - all are due on Tuesday, 31 July 2018.

 Following the success of its Seventh Measina Conference in 2017 in which discussions and deliberations were centred on the changes   associated with Samoan practices despite acknowledging the fact that foundations are still intact, the Samoa Conference takes the   conversation into a more global perspective and addressing the impacts of globalisation – from changes to culture practices to development   issues.

 The fact of the matter is that Samoans are now travelling and living around the world, communication with the rest of the world is easier, so   too is the sharing of information and adaptation of new ideas.  Ordinary Samoans are both responding to the impacts of regional and global   developments, and being proactive in making changes due to globalization. Samoa is now part of a global web of interconnectedness of   economies, politics, environment, socialization, education and ideas.

 In response to the SAMOA PATHWAY, S.I.D.S countries including Samoa have called for series of efforts and commitments to address the   continuing challenges in order to maintain and mobilise limited resources at hand for future generations. The future of these small island   states depend on the political will, young champions through innovation and forging partnerships with the outside world.

 This year’s Samoa Conference will explore how these global ideas have influenced the modern society, how Samoans influence these     ideas –  it seeks to unravel Samoa’s engagement with the world.

The conference is multidisciplinary which aims at bringing together academics and practitioners in the applications of leadership, innovation   and collaboration for sustainable development.  The subthemes of the conference include but are not limited to:

Heritage –How do we balance heritage and development approaches? What is Samoa’s legal framework for heritage management?

  1.  Climate Change – What is Samoa’s role in addressing climate change impacts and implementation of various Climate Change conventions and funding? How sustainable are we as an island nation in the face of increasing climate change?
  2. Literacy – How has literacy helped foster sustainable development in Samoa over the years?
  3. Regionalism and security – Is Samoa a regional leader or actor?
  4. Leadership and Sustainable Development – As leaders how can we use technology to ensure that we are fostering sustainable development and collaboration? How are we preparing future leaders to champion sustainable development?
  5. Innovations for Sustainable Development - How far have we come?
  6. Policy and Research for Innovation – To what extent Samoa has invested in designing policies and funding research to help facilitate industrial development, collaboration and competitiveness amongst sectors?
  7. ICT and Mass Media – What ways can Samoa address cyber security issues today? Istraditional media obsolete in today’s Facebook world? Media and agenda setting, how valid is it in small islands? Do the media have a place in the faasamoa?



SCIV aims to:

  • Support the SAMOA PATHWAY by encouraging existing and emerging scholars to contribute to this conference by providing high quality analysis and evaluation of Samoa’s contribution to the priority areas that need to be addressed


  • Provide documentation of deliberations throughout this conference for key policy-makers to make appropriate and relevant policies that will enhance the livelihoods of every Samoan here and abroad


  • Facilitate research findings, exchange of productive ideas, best practices and lessons learned between Samoa, Pacific region and SIDS that will better promote leadership, innovation and collaboration


  • Contribute to the literature of ‘Samoa mo Samoa’ and ‘Samoa in the World’ for generations to learn and continue the legacy of keeping ‘Our heritage, our future’ alive.


  • Promote research in leadership, innovation and collaboration with a particular focus on the provision of solutions and pathways to sustainable development


  • Bring together people working, researching and actively contributing to development in the areas of leadership, innovation and collaboration to share their experiences, findings and analysis of current issues in their respective fields



It is open to local and overseas scholars, who have conducted research on Samoa, practitioners of various disciplines, university students, political leaders, non-government organisations, civil society, businesses and global audiences.

This conference will also provide a platform for our diplomatic community to share their invaluable resources and priorities with attending groups and organisations.


Invited and interested speakers will be asked to pay their own travel, registration and accommodation costs.  Participants are expected to pay a registration fee in order to receive full conference package.  The registration fees will enable the organisers to subsidise costs of hosting the three-day conference.  More information on fees is available on NUS website and social media accounts.


Samoa Conference IV is envisaged to have the following outcomes:

  1. Documented proceedings through various presentations will be widely published and shared amongst NUS networks, media as well as partnered organisations/groups/ministries of this conference  
  2. An analytical input from research findings which would help Samoa’s diplomatic approach address priorities, challenges and a way forward for SAMOA PATHWAY
  3. Continued awareness in promoting Samoa’s young scholars and entrepreneurs through capacity building and innovation


The conference will be held at the Lecture Theatres (D201 & D101) and the proposed structure is as follows:

  • Opening: The highlight of this session features the significance of the traditional ava ceremony in the Samoan culture.  The keynote address will provide Samoa’s approach to address regional and global development issues. 
  • Day One: The Culture and Heritage session will showcase initiatives, issues and solutions reflecting the importance of culture and heritage in the modern age.
  • Day Two: The Technology and Innovation session will look into the impacts of technology and its applications to Samoa’s development
  • Day Three: The Leadership session will hear contributions from aspiring scholars and leaders on Samoa’s drive for good governance and share leadership experiences of being a leader from various fields.

There will be parallel sessions as part of the content of this meeting.


Different activities will be held at the Main Campus, Le Papaigalagala including:

  • Art Exhibition – Faculty of Education
  • Science Fair – Faculty of Science
  • Apia Tour – SCIV Committee
  • Sky Eye – Independent
  • Youth panel – Faculty of Arts/Peer2peer group

The Samoa Conference Committee encourages members of the public to join us at this conference by becoming a speaker, presenter, or even as a participant to share your views and thoughts with us on how Samoa through YOUR UNIVERSITY, YOUR FUTURE, can address challenges and make valuable contributions to the many development issues.

Who will present at this conference? Stay tuned for our next article.




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