NUS Press Release 27-05-2022

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“Cultural Interconnectedness”

Virtual Art Exhibition

Apia, Samoa – Friday, 27th May 2022. Every year, the Faculty of Education primary teacher trainees and the visual art students at the National University of Samoa exhibit their work. This year the exhibition will be displayed at the Art Room, RMG211 on campus. As a result of the pandemic this year’s exhibition will be featured together with the poster competition – “Connectedness to the Environment,” on the NUSTV.

Professor Aiono Alec Ekeroma explained that, “the annual art exhibitions at the University began long before I joined on board.” Due to the COVID19 restrictions; it was decided to use our NUSTV to showcase our students work. To that effect, the main objective for University students is visibility, which gives the opportunity for not only young artists to learn to promote, market and exhibit their artworks but for the primary and secondary teacher trainees to put together a display of artworks as well as performances addressing the expressive arts curriculum for both the primary and secondary levels. At the same time, it allows the community to observe what our students are working on in and out of their classrooms.”

“Normally, the exhibition would be held around the third week of May, but due to COVID-19 lockdown, we realized that we wouldn’t be able to do so this year.” Professor Aiono said, “At the end of March, I was contacted about the idea of conducting an exhibition on television when the social distancing order was extended.”

“Under normal circumstances, students would be actively involved in the process of “face to face” learning but, due to remote teaching and learning, all correspondences and creative ideas were conducted via online platforms such as Zoom, Moodle and Messenger. The exhibition is comprised of artworks and performances by the Primary Teacher Trainees and students enrolled in the visual art courses offered at the National University of Samoa,” Professor Alec Ekeroma.

All artworks from the poster competition – “Connectedness to the Environment,” will be displayed and the winners announced. As Matatumua Maluiao Leua Latai, the exhibition’s curator stated, “It is time that we celebrate our cultural interconnectedness through the Arts, and recognize its therapeutic qualities and the creativity of our young people during these times of isolation and uncertainty.”

For more information please contact:

Leua Latai at

Phone number: 685 20072 Ext 349 or 685 7241019