NUS Oloamanu Centre Conducts Micro-Credential Awareness Workshops for Internal Staff and Stakeholders

Apia, Samoa – Friday 19th April, 2024

The Oloamanu Centre for Professional Development and Continuing Education recently hosted a series of awareness workshops on micro-credentials for the National University of Samoa (NUS) internal staff and external stakeholders funded by the Education Sector Fund. The purpose of these workshops was to empower professionals with the knowledge and resources to utilize micro-credentials for career advancement.

NUS Vice-Chancellor and President – Professor Tuifuisa’a Patila Amosa stated that Micro- credentials are a rapidly growing form of alternative credentials that recognize skills and knowledge gained through focused learning experiences. The workshops aimed to provide an overview of micro-credentials, their benefits, and how they differ from traditional degrees.

The awareness workshops, held on the 17th and 18th of April 2024, brought together our NUS internal staff, representatives from the government, private sector, and civil society. Participants learned about the various models for developing and delivering micro-credentials, as well as the role of micro-credentials in supporting continuous learning and workforce development.

NUS has recognized the benefits of micro-credentials in addressing the skills gaps in the workforce and creating opportunities for employees to reskill and upskill. By offering micro-credentials, NUS aims to provide learners with a flexible, competency-based approach to education that aligns with career goals. The workshops align with NUS’s strategic pillar on “Community and Stakeholder Engagement” and support the university’s commitment to providing relevant education and training opportunities. The Oloamanu Centre plans to continue promoting micro-credentials to bridge the skills gap in the labour market and support workforce development.

The workshops also provided an opportunity for stakeholders to exchange ideas and best practices in micro-credentialing, fostering collaborations and partnerships to further enhance professional development in Samoa.

Samoa is the first country in the region to develop its MC Framework – Policy and Procedure and a strong advocate for Micro-Credentials via a series of regional workshops, including the latest Micro- credential dialogue in Fiji in March 2024, funded by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL). To date, 9 MCs courses are offered at NUS as part of its formal and continuing education programme.

NUS will continue to promote the benefits of MCs as the largest PSET Provider in Samoa, however, the key challenge requiring more transformative discussions for Micro-Credentials is the buy-in from employers and the Public Service Commission in terms of a financial bonus as an incentive for employees to take up a Micro-Credential for the improved performance resulting from the new acquired skillset from the Micro-Credential.

Photos: NUS Internal Micro-Credential Workshop at Niule’a Conference Room – 17th of April 2024
Group Photo: Micro-Credential Awareness Workshop for Stakeholder at Taumeasina Resort – 18th of April 2024


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