NUS senior management and academics engage in productive discussions with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Gender Specialist consultant during Gender Audit consultations, showcasing a commitment to gender mainstreaming and inclusivity.
NUS Leads the Way in Gender Mainstreaming with Groundbreaking Gender Audit Initiative

The National University of Samoa (NUS) has taken a bold step towards fostering gender equality and inclusivity by launching a pioneering Gender Audit initiative, positioning itself as a trailblazer in the region. This strategic move marks the beginning of gender mainstreaming at NUS, underscoring the university’s commitment to creating a more equitable and diverse academic environment.

Being the first national university in the region embark on such an initiative, NUS is setting a new standard for promoting gender equality and empowerment within the Pacific academic landscape. By initiating the Gender Audit, NUS is not only demonstrating its leadership but also paving the way for other institutions to follow suit in prioritizing gender mainstreaming.

The university gratefully acknowledges the invaluable collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) that has been instrumental in facilitating the implementation of this groundbreaking initiative.

Leading the charge are esteemed figures such as the Vice Chancellor, Professor Tuifuisa’a Patila Amosa, Professor Muagututia Chan Mow, Professor Tuiloma Susana Taua’a and Saui’a Dr. Louise Mataia Milo.

The establishment of the NUS Gender Team is also a key milestone achievement. They play a pivotal role in spearheading initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality and inclusivity within the university. Their responsibilities include leading the implementation of the Gender Audit initiative in collaboration with COL and the gender specialist Dr. Asenati Liki Chang Tung, to ensure thorough internal consultations are done to assess and address gender disparities across various university facets, developing policies to enhance gender mainstreaming, and aligning NUS’s initiatives with current research trends across the Pacific and globally. The NUS Gender Team’s efforts are vital in strengthening NUS’s commitment to fostering a more equitable and diverse academic environment while ensuring alignment with the university’s corporate plan, the Samoa Pathway, and national policy frameworks.

Professor Tuifuisa’a highlighted the manifold benefits of this groundbreaking initiative for NUS. “By conducting a comprehensive Gender Audit, NUS stands to enhance its policies, practices, and culture, leading to improved recruitment and retention rates, increased student satisfaction, and overall academic excellence. At the same time we ensure that our Samoan cultural values are always at the heart of any change.”

Moreover, by aligning with our corporate plan, NUS is reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development and social justice, thereby positioning itself as a progressive institution that values inclusivity and equality.

Furthermore, the Gender Audit initiative at NUS resonates strongly with the principles outlined in the Samoa Pathway and national policy frameworks. By championing gender equality and empowerment, NUS is actively contributing to the advancement of gender-related goals outlined in these frameworks, thereby playing a pivotal role in promoting sustainable development within the Pacific region.

Looking towards the future, NUS aims to offer a gender studies curriculum as part of its long-term goal. The Faculty of Arts already offers courses that examine gender intersections, laying a solid foundation for the development of a comprehensive gender studies program. The Gender Audit initiative is vital in strengthening NUS’s policies and ensuring alignment with current research trends across the Pacific and globally.

By spearheading this transformative initiative, NUS is not only shaping its own future but also making significant strides towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society for all. For more information contact and .