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Network Services
Responsible for managing and prioritizing the design, maintenance, development and evaluation of the NUS Main Campus (including SOM, SOMT and Savaii) network infrastructure to ensure reliable, secure, cost effective and timely provision of ICT network services to end users and various events (conferences and workshops) that NUS are involved in.
ICT Services and responsibilites are as follows:

Wide Area Networks (WAN) – Ensuring all branch sites (SOM, SOMT and Savaii) are centralized and connected to the Main campus at all times.

    • Local Area Network (LAN) – Ensuring all users, departments and buildings within the NUS domain are connected to the Local Area Network by means of the following medium:
    • Fiber-optic backbone
    • Ethernet cabling
    • WiFi
    • Internet and Intranet – Making sure the Internet and Intranet is available, stable and secure for all end users.
    • Security and Monitoring – Ensuring network security and network monitoring are in place at all times.
    • Wireless implementations – Ensuring that wireless coverage is available to all study areas and rooms.


Network FAQs

What to do if I have connectivity issues?

Contact network_t@nus.edu.ws for assistance.
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