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Department of Management, Tourism and Hospitality

The Department of Management, Tourism and Hospitality offers courses in the business disciplines that are more to do with people, how they behave and with practical business skills: Business Studies, Cookery, Food & Beverage Services, Hospitality, Management, Marketing, Office Management, Tour Guiding and Tourism studies.


Name:                          Leasiolagi Tapu Iemaima Gabriel

Position:                      Head of Dept. Management, Tourism & Hosp

Qualifications:            DipEd BCom NUS, PGDipMPA,  MCom S.Pac

Teaching:                    TBS201 Small Business Planning

                                      TBS202 Personal Management Skills

                                      TBS204 Small Business


Name:              Bernadette Samau

Position:           Senior Lecturer, Marketing and Management

Qualifications: DipCultTour&Trav., BBus, MBA AUT, CertIV TAE APTC

Email address:


Examine consumer behavior in areas of tourism, marketing and management. Bernadette’s line of research also explores the use of research methods used in the Pacific with photo elicitation techniques.


  • Samau, B. (2020). Reflexive Thematic Analysis: understanding interactions between markets and society (Favourite and Desired clothing as Exemplar). Paper presented at the 2020 Macromarketing Conference. Colombia (conference via ZOOM).
  • Samau, B. (2019). Understanding Pacific emic perspectives through Talanoa research protocols and participant controlled photo-elicitation. Paper presented at the “Proliferation of Models: New Paradigms in Indigenous Research” Working Session: 2019 ASAO Annual Meeting, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Samau, B. (2019). Looking beyond photographs: how culture relates to the extended self through favourite and desired clothing in two different countries. Paper presented at the Pacific Voices XVI: Pacific Postgraduate Symposium, University of Otago.
  • Samau, B. (2018). Cultural influences on the Extended Self through Clothing. Paper presented at the Pacific Voices VX: Pacific Postgraduate Symposium, University of Otago.
  • Samau, B., Gabriel, T., & Sasa, H. (2017). Is there a link?: The effect of attitude toward Television advertisement, Brand and Purchase Intention. Journal of Samoan Studies, 7(3), 52-61
  • Samau, B., & Gabriel, T. (2017). The Meaning and Value of Favourite Possessions in Environmental Transitions: A case of regional and international students studying in Samoa. Journal of Samoan Studies, 7(3), 75-85
  • Samau, B. (2016a). Marketing activities and perceptions towards domestic tourism and domestic tourists: A case of accommodation providers in Samoa. British Journal of Marketing Studies, 4(7), 1-14
  • Samau, B. (2016b). Perceptions on the commercialization of the Malu: A case of Samoa. Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(7), 9-20
  • Samau, B., & Schoeffel, P. (2015). Pastors’ Daughters: Boundary Ambiguity or the Fishbowl Effect? Journal of Samoan Studies, 5, 88-96

Name:                          Aruna Tuala

Position:                      Lecturer, Marketing and Management

Qualifications:            BAv Massey, MBA S.Qld., CAT NUS, CertIV TAE APTC

Completed Blended Learning Practise jointly by the Commonwealth of Learning and Athabasca University, Canada, March 28 2020

Completed Blended Learning in the Classroom Cohort 4, with Commonwealth of Learning and Athabasca University Canada, June 26 2020

Completed Introduction to technology-Enable Learning jointly by Commonwealth of Learning and Athabasca university, Canada July 25 2020

Teaching:                     HMG204 Human Resource Management

                                       HMK301 Direct Marketing

                                       HMK307 Service Marketing and Management

                                       HMG361 Strategic Management

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Name:              Taofi Eunice Fua

Position:          Lecturer, Office Management

Qualifications:CSIT TCBI DipSec CAT SP, BTVET NUS

Teaching:        TOM101 Word Processing and keyboarding

                          TOM102 Office Practice

                          TOM202 Advanced Word Processing and keyboarding


Name:              Martin James

Position:          Lecturer, Cookery

Qualifications:CertBasCook C&GLond. Cert IV TA APTC

Teaching:        TCK101 Kitchen Operations, TCK102 Practical Cookery 1

                          TCP102 Hygiene Procedures in the workplace

                          TCK103 Practical Cookery 2


Name:              Poutasi Onesemo

Position:          Lecturer, Hospitality

Qualifications:CertIIHosp, CertVAWT WAI Melb, CAT BTVET NUS

 Teaching:       TFH101 Working with colleagues and customers

                          TFH102 Introduction to Accommodation Services

                          TFH103 Hotel Organization and the Accommodation Product

                          TFH104 Front Office General Services

Email address:

Name:                          Manuao Tema

Position:                      Lecturer, Marketing and OM

Qualifications:            BCom NUS, PGDipMPA S.Pac

Teaching:                    HMK001 Foundation Marketing

                                      TOM201 Office Management

                                      TOM203 Managing customers

Email address;   

Name:                          Pauline Nafoi

Position:                      Lecturer, Tourism

Qualifications:            BA S.Pac, MSedSc Vrije Uni, Brussels

Teaching:                     TTS201 Hotel Administrative & Management

                                       TTS202 Tourism Planning and Development

                                       TTS203 Applied Marketing & research

                                       TTS204 Tourism Management

Email address:   


Name:                          Falenaoti Juliana Tuiletufuga

Position:                      Lecturer, Management                          

Qualifications:            CertIV TAE APTC, CAT SP, RCN NZ, BCom NUS

Teaching:                     HMG161

                                       HMG162 Management organizationand behavior

                                       TCA106 Management Practice in Courts

Email address:   

Name:                          Rachel Pela Malia Bell

Position:                      Lecturer, Marketing

Qualifications:            DipBus&Tour SamPol, BCom NUS, CAT NUS

 -Completed Facilitating Online Course – Cohort 9 by the Commonwealth of Learning and Athabasca University, Canada (March 29, 2020)

Teaching:                     HMK101 Marketing

                                     HMK105 Integrated Marketing Communication, HMK001                                           Foundation Marketing

Email Address:

Research Interest:        How effective TV Advertising are to consumers, what make consumers choose one brand over another, Digital Marketing and its influences on consumers and also small businesses.

Name:              Silimanai Pulou Wright

Position:          Lecturer, Marketing and Management

Qualification:  MBusAdmin Vic, BA BYU

Teaching:         HMG366 Project Management

                          HMK302 Market Research

                          HMK303 Marketing Strategy

                          HMK390 Marketing in Practice

Email address:

Name:              Oloa Lipine

Position:          Lecturer, Management

Qualifications: BCA GDip Teaching Will, MBA AIB

Teaching:         HMG205 International Management

                          HMG203 Industrial Relations

Email address:



Research interest:

Is in the field of Management in general with particular interest in Organizational/Business Management, Human Resource Management and the promotion of related laws that Governs them – For example –HRM –  Employment Relations – The Labour and Employment Act 2013 (Samoa) Occupational Health and Safety Act, etc.  I also have aside interest in Samoan history and language development.

Name:               Petelo Matelani Pauga

Position:           Lecturer, Tourism

Qualifications: BA S.Pac

Teaching:          TTS101 Introduction to Tourism

                           TTS102 Tourism Marketing

                           TTG103 Tour Operations and Guiding

                           TTG104 Travel Operations and Ticketing 

Email address:

Name:              Darren Michael Magele

Position:          Lecturer, Tour Guiding

Qualifications: BA Trsm&Hosp S.Pac

Teaching:          TTG101 Introduction to Tour Guiding

                           TTG102 Communication in the workplace

                           TTG103 Planning and Developing Tour Activities

Email address:

Name:                Agnes Chan

Position:           Lecturer, Hospitality

Qualifications: CertII Hosp, Cert IV AWT Melb.CertMgt DipMin Tg Dip Th Holland,CAT, BTVET NUS

Teaching:          TCP101 Introduction to Tourism Hospitality

                           TFB102 Food and Beverage Services

                           TFB103 Wine and bar Services

                           TCP103 Basic First Aid

Email address:    

Name: Raphael Semel

Position: Lecturer Management

Qualifications: DipComArts DWI, BA UPNG, PGDipEdu UPGPNG, MedJapan, Med UWIndies

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