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Student Support Services – National University of Samoa

Student Support Services Office

The Student Support Services (SSS) offers a variety of services that are available to the students on campus. Our team comprises of two Counsellors, Literacy officer, Numeracy officer and Employment development officer.  We work as a team to make sure adequate support is provided to meet each student’s educational and welfare needs.

Services: Counselling, Literacy,  Numeracy and Employment Development programmes, career counselling for students, critical thinking skills workshops, social skills development workshops for students, health and welfare of students, assistance for International students in basic literacy skills both in English and Samoan, Graduate employability and Basic Career skills workshops.

Learning Centre:  Our recently opened learning centre provides students with desktop computers with internet access to conduct their researches and a large space to do their studies. The two study spaces/rooms are located in House #3 and House #4 at the NUS Le Papaigalagala campus at Toomatagi.


Staff Contacts

Staff Contacts

Lipine Peresetene


Email: l.peresetene@nus.edu.ws

Tel: 20072 ext 287

First Floor House #3

Lepapaigalagala Campus

Luagalau Foisagaasina E. Shon

Student Counselor and Literacy Officer

Email: f.shon@nus.edu.ws

Tel: 20072 ext 319

Xiaomei Isara

Email: x.isara@nus.edu.ws

Student Counselor

Fesili Liu

Numeracy Officer

Email: f.liu@nus.edu.ws

Tel: 20072 Ext: 324

Pulamataimoana Herenessa Julian Toeafe Kirisome

Employment Development Officer

Email: h.kirisome@nus.edu.ws

Tel: 20072 Ext: 234

Facebook Page


Contact Us

Phone: +685 20072 ext 287/319/324/234

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