International Office

Our Mission

We provide quality services to all our clients; working with our international students/staff to enable them to achieve their full potential whilst contributing to the achievement of the University’s vision; “A vibrant and innovative Centre of Excellence in Research, Samoan Studies and Quality Education and Training, responsive to National Development Needs.”


We are Customer Service driven and are committed to providing an excellent level of service. This charter sets out the standard of service you can expect from the International Office department.

Core Values and Attributes

  • Customer focused
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration
  • Responsiveness
  • Respect
  • Equality and Diversity
• We will ensure that all queries are answered to the highest standard in a clear, timely and accurate manner.
• All calls will be answered promptly (within 3-4 rings) and if necessary returned calls will be made as soon as possible (within 24hours).
• We will endeavour to respond to all emails within 24hours
• If immediate responses cannot be provided , we will ensure customers will be informed of the next steps or provided with alternative information within 24 hours
• We will use auto responses (emails) to advise our customers when staff are out of the office and who to contact
• We will respond with clarity, in a professional , polite and friendly manner
• We will treat visitors with respect and courtesy
• We will endeavour to accommodate all visitors who do not have an appointment
• We will ensure customers receive the information they need and that this has been fully understood
• We will ensure that we provide an environment for customers where they feel comfortable to ask further queries or   clarify the information provided
Help us Help You!• Expect high standards – tell us if you think we can do better.
• Feedback- we welcome all comments and questions
• Please provide all relevant details eg Name, Contact details so that we can respond efficiently to your query.
We welcome feedback via face to face and emailWe will use feedback to review and improve our services and expectations. We will respond to all feedback within 24 hoursWe will respond appropriately to all complaints and handle them in a fair and professional manner Contact Us Email:
Phone: 20072 ext 372Post: P.O. Box 1622, Apia, Samoa

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