Welcome to the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is a renowned faculty committed to excellence in scientific education and research. It comprises three key departments, each contributing to the diverse range of academic programmes offered.

  1. Department of Information, Technology and Systems (DITs): This department is dedicated to the study and application of information technology and systems, preparing students for the digital age with a comprehensive curriculum.
  2. Department of Mathematics and Statistics: This department provides a strong foundation in mathematical and statistical theories and applications, fostering analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  3. Science Department: This department offers a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, encouraging students to explore and understand the natural world.

The faculty offers 15 academic programmes, ranging from Certificates, Diploma, Bachelor, Postgraduate diploma to Master’s degrees. These programmes are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for their future careers.

With a team of 50 dedicated staff members, the Faculty of Science is committed to providing quality education, conducting impactful research, and serving the community. The faculty’s efforts contribute significantly to the advancement of science and technology in Samoa and beyond.

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