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Department of Accounting and Economics

The Department of Accounting and Economics, offers courses in the mathematical and legislative disciplines relating to the business world: Accounting, Banking and Finance, Commercial Law and Economics.


Name:                          Muliagatele Sesilia Lauano

Position:                      Head of Dept. Accounting and Economics

Qualifications:           DipMtgStud, BA, PGCertHRMgt, PGDipGM MBA S.Pac, CATNUS

Teaching:                    HMK001 Foundation Management

                                      HMG202 Organizational Behavior

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Name:              Siu Chan

Position:          Senior Lecturer, Accounting

Qualifications:BCom Uni Otago, MCom Well

Teaching:         HAC312 Advanced Management Accoun, HAC315 Taxation

                           HAC390 Practical Application of Accounting

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Name:                Orita Taotofi

Position:            Lecturer, Economics

Qualifications:  BA S.Pac, Cert IV Leadership and Management APTC

Teaching:          HEC002 Foundation Macroeconomics

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Name:             Lupematasila Faato Sila Falaniko

Position:         Accounting Lecturer

Qualifications:BCom NUS, CertIV TAE APTC

Teaching:       HAC111 Introductory Financial Accounting, HAC112 Introductory      Management Accounting

                         HAC213 Computerized Accounting System

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Name:              Peniamina Muliaina

Position:          Economics Lecturer

Qualifications:BA Auck.

Teaching:         HEC101 Microecon, HEC104 Economics Statistics, HEC202 Intermediate Macroeconomics, HEC204 Econometrics

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Name:              Faaulu Iaeva Amitai

Position:          Law Lecturer

Qualifications:BCom Well

Teaching:        HCL001 Foundation, HCL152 Commercial Law

                          HCL251 Company Law and Partnership

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Name:              Lefetaui Apelu

Position:           Accounting Lecturer

Qualifications:BCom, CAT NUS

Teaching:        TBS101 Introductory Accounting, TBS102 Basic Concepts of Marketing

                          TBS203 Financial Accounting

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Name:              Romalani Leofo

Position:          Accounting Lecturer

Qualifications:BCom (Hons) Qld. CAT NUS (PDL)







  • Leofo, R. and Salele, W. (2019) Determinants of micro-entrepreneurial success in one of the small island developing states of the Pacific: Evidence from Samoa, Journal of Pacific Studies, 39 (1),

Name:              Michael Yemoh

Position:          Lecturer Management

Qualifications: Msc, Bsc Economics

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